Finding the Right Tables for The Classroom


There are almost 15,000 schools across the country, all filled with several classrooms for their students to learn. A key component for making these classrooms as effective as possible is having the right furniture.

When you think about necessary school supplies, tables for the classroom likely aren't the first thing that comes to mind. But they play a crucial role in creating an effective learning environment. It's important to find the best classroom tables so your students can participate in a variety of activities and you can manage your classroom easily. 

This guide outlines the things you should look for in the tables as you work on your classroom design. 

Designed for Collaboration

Many times the desks that a student will sit at for most of their instruction will be in place at the school. But often, additional tables that are designed for more collaboration between students can help aid in their learning. 

Consider adding extra tables in a variety of shapes that allow students to work closely with each other and the teacher. These come in a half-moon or round shapes so students can all hear and see the same instruction easily or work on a project together without disruption. 

As you're shopping, think about how these tables will be used and the best design for that purpose. 

Built at the Students' Level 

For those teachers with a classroom of younger students, it's helpful to have furniture that matches their size. Rather than feeling inferior because everything is too big for them, they'll feel confident and ready to participate at a table where they fit correctly. 

Smaller classroom tables and chairs also make it so the student has less opportunity for fidgeting. They won't be messing with the furniture so they can engage better with what you're doing. 

Flexible for More Variety

While smaller tables and chairs are great for the student, they won't be the most comfortable options for the teacher. This is why many choose to go for an adjustable option instead. 

These tables can be moved up or down with a variety of heights. That kind of flexibility allows the teacher to customize their experience for exactly what's happening in the class that day. Everyone who uses it can have a customized experience. 

It's also helpful to have these flexible pieces in case you change grades in the future and have different needs. With an adjustable table, you can take it with you no matter what!  

Sturdy and Durable 

Obviously, a teacher wants anything they invest in for their classroom to withstand the test of time. There are so many things they could add to their classroom, they don't want to waste funds on something that will have to be replaced so quickly. 

It's key to make sure you're buying classroom furniture that is sturdy and made of high-quality materials. Check out online reviews and product descriptions to find out exactly how the pieces are going to hold up before purchasing. 

Easily Cleanable 

A clean environment is crucial to encouraging learning but keeping a classroom tidy and neat can sometimes be a difficult task. Especially when you're teaching younger grades. 

Make your job easier by choosing furniture that can be cleaned easily and holds up to messes. 

It's also helpful to make sure the surfaces are non-porous so you can keep them free of germs as well. The last thing you want is something in your classroom that helps sicknesses spread. Students do a good job of that on their own! The more wipeable your furniture is, the better! 

Integrate Technology

These days, more than 97% of teachers use some type of technology in the classroom on a regular basis. Students get a wider variety of activities and access to all kinds of learning aids with these resources. 

If your classroom utilizes technology, it's important to keep that in mind while shopping for your tables. 

Think about how you'd like your student to use their computers and where that will be done in your classroom. Having tables that computers and their cords can easily fit on is crucial to taking advantage of this technology. 

Works with Other Furniture

Classrooms are most often a mixture of several stations designed for different types of learning. To keep things from feeling chaotic and disjointed, you want to be sure all of your furniture choices fit together. This goes for both the form and function of all your pieces. 

Purchasing classroom furniture with similar designs (color, shape, style) will help your classroom feel cohesive and put together. 

A calm environment will help students focus and learn better as well because they won't be distracted by everything going on around them.

Fits Within Classroom

Before making any final decisions and purchases, it's important to make sure the table will actually fit in the space.

Don't forget to physically measure your classroom and the designated area for the table. Eyeballing will often get you in trouble in these situations. Mapping out the furniture layout with tape is a great way to see how things will flow and fit in your space.

Also, take walkways and paths into consideration. You want everything to be as easy and natural for your students as possible. 

Best Tables for the Classroom

With so many elements to think about, putting together a classroom from top to bottom can be an overwhelming task. This is especially true when you have to figure out furniture choices, including tables for the classroom. They make such a big difference in how effective your space is, you definitely want to make the right choice! 

Finding high-quality pieces for your classroom doesn't have to be a difficult task. You can find everything from tables to chairs to lockers all in one place for an easy, convenient shopping experience. 

Our selection of classroom furniture offers you a wide variety of options to fit every need. If you're interested in seeing what we can do for you, contact us today!