A Guide to the Different Types of Classroom Seating

In recent years, a concept called flexible seating has taken over many Canadian classrooms. In this type of classroom setup, there isn't just one specific type of classroom seating available to students.

Instead, there are usually a whole bunch of different classroom seating options that students can choose from. They're allowed to sit in whichever classroom chairs they'd like, and they can even switch up their types of seating on a daily basis.

So, what has made flexible seating so popular? Well, for one, it gives kids of all ages a little more freedom in the classroom. They feel like they have some say over where they're able to learn and get their work done.

But kids also love flexible seating because it keeps them more comfortable. They're no longer subjected to sitting in hard, wooden chairs for hours on end. They've come to appreciate this.

If you're looking for classroom seating options for your school at the moment, you should find out more about the different types of seating that are out there first. Here are a few types of classroom seating that should be on your radar.

VS Pantoswing Lupo Student Chair

Student using chair

At first glance, this forward-flexing cantilever chair might look like some other chairs that you've seen used in classroom settings. But it's far from the ordinary classroom seating option as it's specifically designed to encourage students to shift around in their seats every so often.

That might not seem like what you'll want students to be doing at first. But all this shifting may have a positive impact on both their bodies and their minds. It can help to increase their attention spans and enable them to focus harder on their schoolwork.

This chair is also made out of double-walled textured polypropylene and powder-coated steel tubing to make it extra durable.

VS America Hokki Wobble Stool

The Hokki stool has only been used in schools for about a decade, but it has already helped turn the classroom seating industry on its head. It looks like no other chair that you've ever seen utilised in a classroom setting. Its innovative design allows kids to stay active to some degree while sitting down in class.

This wobble stool is called a wobble stool for a reason, as it'll let those who sit in it move around without having to worry about falling over. All this movement can help kids maintain correct spinal alignment while also improving their balance.

MBob Floor Chair by Muzo

Mbob Floor Seat with little Child using the seat

When kids are still on the younger side, many teachers will have them sit on the floor to take part in different activities. This award-winning floor chair will be a wonderful alternative to having kids sit directly on the hard ground.

It can be used either with or without a floor-height table in the classroom. It also has a smart design that elevates it ever so slightly off the ground to prevent kids from pinching their fingers underneath it.

As if all that wasn't enough, this chair comes in a variety of fun colours that will brighten up any classroom space. It's the ideal classroom seating option for those teaching some of the lower grades in schools.

Stakki Chair by VS America

Initially, this three-legged chair might not appear as though it would be sturdy enough for a classroom setting. But designer Martin Ballendat put a lot of time and thought into creating an iconic chair that is every bit as stable as you'll need it to be.

Who wouldn't be excited to climb into this chair to see what it can do? It's also made out of glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene that will make it very durable and ensure that it lasts for a long time in any classroom.

PantoMove Lupo Height Adjustable Chair

If you're in the market for seating options that'll allow older students to move around in the classroom with ease, look no further than this ergonomic, height-adjustable chair. It has a unique 3D rocking mechanism that'll react to every movement a student makes and provide them with a dynamic classroom seating experience.

This chair will also make it extremely easy for students to move from a computer desk to a tall table and then back again in the blink of an eye. It's easy to adjust and lightweight enough to move around in a hurry.

KI Ruckus Stack Chair With Footrest

When students sit down in traditional classroom seats, they're forced to turn their attention in one particular direction. More often than not, these seats will have them facing forward so that they can pay attention to their teachers.

This thoughtfully designed chair takes a different approach to providing classroom seating. It can be used to face forward if students would like, but it also allows them to turn their attention in any direction they want without having to shift around in their chair or, worse, turn their chair to the side or back entirely.

This chair is perfect for those classroom settings that encourage collaboration among students early and often. It can be utilized in so many fun and innovative ways by these students as they aim to get their work done together.

KI Imaginasium Blocks & Blips

Imaginasium Blocks in a classroom with students using it

Designed for the youngest students out there, these "blocks" and "blips" are soft modular shapes that can be configured in lots of different ways. Kids can plop just one down on the ground and sit on top of it. They can also use several of them to build the best seat possible based on their needs.

These blocks and blips will motivate young kids to think more creatively and to take a more active role in the appearance of their classroom. They'll also help teach them important lessons about sharing and thinking outside the box.

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