5 Ways to Maximise Classroom Storage

The standard size of a classroom in the US is 1024 square feet.

Teaching can certainly be challenging at times, and this can make things even more difficult. While students enjoy their summer holidays, teachers spend much of it planning new lessons, putting them in order, and deciding how they're going to achieve their classroom objectives.

Teachers also spend a lot of time trying to figure out how they're going to store everything because their classrooms are usually too small. Fortunately, various solutions can help you make the most of your classroom space.

For 5 ways to maximize classroom storage, keep reading.

1. Single Sided Mobile Shelving

There are all different kinds of storage that are found in classrooms. Some types serve different purposes than others, so you need to consider what items you have in your classroom and how best to store them.

In many situations, open shelving is ideal. Anything that you want on display or easily accessible can go on shelves. Almost any classroom will have books, for example, and shelves are perfect for these.

Single-sided mobile shelving gives you a useful storage space that you can move about as needed. As such, you can easily move it around the room, or even from one classroom to another.

As a common storage solution, there are plenty of different options when it comes to mobile shelving. At School Furniture by Simplova we have several models so you can find the type that's perfect for you. Some of the options we have are fairly standard in design, but we also have some more unique options such as our curved mobile shelving.

This allows you to adapt your storage for the classroom into something that fits perfectly. They have locking casters so you can keep them secured in place, and move them if needed. These shelving units also have magnets on the ends to help join multiple units together quickly and easily.

2. Transfer Boxes

While there are many things you might want to have open and visible in the classroom, there can also be plenty of others that you just need to store somewhere convenient. For this, transfer boxes might be a better option.

They come in cabinets and they vary in terms of how many trays they contain, as well as the size of the trays. We have models available with either 3-inch or 6-inch deep trays available. The 3-inch option provides 24 trays, while the 6-inch option provides 12.

Based on your needs, you can choose whichever size option is most suitable. Like our shelving units, these also feature magnets on the sides so you can join multiple units together if you need more trays. They also have locking casters so you can stabilize them and move them whenever necessary.

Transfer boxes are ideal if you want to give the kids somewhere to store things. You can place labels on the front so each child has their own tray. Not only does this provide storage, but it will also help teach them something about responsibility as they have to look after their own tray.

3. Mobile Pedestals

Transfer boxes and shelving are ideal for general storage, but there are also some smaller storage solutions available. Mobile pedestals are ideal if you're looking for something compact and convenient.

We have mobile pedestals available with one or two draws, ideal for storing important documents. They're specifically designed to be compatible with legal and letter file sizes and will help you keep things organized.

Their size means you can easily store them under desks to keep them out of the way, and the casters make it easy to move them around. Despite their compact size, they have an impressive weight capacity. Our standard mobile pedestal is 14.25 x 19.625 x 19.25 inches but has a load capacity of up to 250 lbs.

You can also get these pedestals with a cushion on top. This can provide a quick, convenient seating solution that you can place almost anywhere in a classroom.

4. Rolling Platforms

In a modern classroom, you may have certain items that aren't suitable for going on a shelf or in drawers. You might be able to place these on desks or the floor. While this can be sufficient in some cases, you're then limited in terms of mobility.

A printer, for example, can go on a desk, but then that's where it will stay. When it comes to heavy, cumbersome objects, you don't want to have to carry them from one place to another, which may cause some issues.

A great solution to this is our rolling platform utility cart. It's a small platform (18.8 x 15.0 inches) with a weight capacity of 150 lbs.

This is ideal for office machines like printers and shredders, as it makes them incredibly easy to move around. It includes locking casters and non-slip pads to ensure your equipment remains stable and safe.

5. Mobile Cabinets

A cabinet or classroom cupboard is essential. You need somewhere to store things like pens, paper, and other stationery.

There are all kinds of options available in terms of size and setup. You can get cabinets that contain shelves, drawers, and other compartments, making them ideal for any storage needs.

For a more versatile solution, we even have a cabinet option that has a cupboard compartment as well as open shelves. You can use the magnets on the side to combine this with some of our other storage solutions, giving you a custom setup that's perfect for your classroom.

The Best Classroom Storage Solutions

There are all different kinds of classroom storage available. You should consider your needs to determine what the best first would be for your classroom.

At School Furniture by Simplova we have a huge range of classroom storage solutions, as well as other classroom furniture. To find out more about what we have available click here to contact us today.