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Capture is a versatile, full-featured frame and tile System. Its clean lines, crisp details, and smart storage are ideal for today’s work environments. Exceptionally easy to plan, install, reconfigure. Many new enhancements have been included as standard options making Capture better than ever.

  • Versatile frame-and-tile system
  • Exceptionally easy to design, install and reconfigure
  • Fastest-to-assemble system on the market
  • Clean, modern design to complement any interior
  • Laminate, Tackable, Marker Board, Steel, Slatwall and Data Tile options
  • Tiles install in seconds without tools—just click into place
  • Generous array of coordinating storage components
  • Lower-height panels and storage units maximize daylight, views and visibility
  • Power and data access at beltline or base
  • Three work surface support options as alternative to end panels

Workstation Design Option(s)

  1. Wardrobe/Storage Tower Combo: Locking Bookcase with B/B/F pedestal and wardrobe unit. Multiple configuration options available.
  2. Pedestal: Fixed locking F/F. Can also be B/B/F, Mobile, B/F with Cushion top.
  3. 48x30" 2 stage electric height adjustable desk. Multiple sizes, finishes and styles available.
  4. 9to5 Seating LOGIC PLUS 1790 "Police Chair". Ballistics material (1M dbl. rubs) on the lower back and seat. The arms drop BACK (Break away) to allow for gun belts and are set too WIDE.
  5. Overhead Storage Bin: Placed on spine as to not to interfere with monitor that is on height adjustable desk. Depending on panel height, you may or may not need a "uplift kit" for bin. Various door and handle options available.
  6. Framed Glass Option: Can be framed or Frameless. Clear or opaque glass. 3 different height options.
  7. Slatewall tiles for panels: Optional. Allows users to add work tools such as paper trays, pen cups, phone holder, paperclip holder etc. to get everyday use items off the worksurface.
  8. Base Power: Need to know how many receptacles per workstation is needed.
  9. Belt (Waist) Power: Optional power location.

9to5 Seating - Police Chair

Model: 1790-M2-A90-B-BA1HD-C4-BNBP2

Back and Seat: Grade: B

Bleach Cleanability: BC 5:1

Control: (M2) Heavy Duty MultiFunction - 5 Paddle withIntegrated Seat SliderArms: (A90) Height Adjustable Breakaway Arm. 2-way Height adjustable Breakaway arm rotates back to alloweasier fit under lower working surfaces

Casters: (C4) Heavy Duty Casters

Additional Options: (BNBP2) Ballistic Nylon Applied to Portion of LowerBackrest and Full Seat

Optional Product Considerations