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Floor Level Learning

Furniture for a more versatile teaching approach

With the Shift+ product line, rooms can be rearranged quickly and easily to meet changing requirements.

Students and teachers are able to create new layouts without the need for any external help.


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Encouraging versatile learning

The new learning spaces open up rooms and permit a wealth of educational possibilities. They require versatile furniture – tables and chairs that the children can quickly group together to meet the needs of any given teaching phase. The rhythm of changing activities that characterizes the school day is possible without time-consuming reorganizations.


The Learning Space

A space for complete freedom

Furniture that reacts perfectly to every change, turning traditional classrooms into modern learning workshops. In one room, it provides all the design freedom that creative teaching with its multi-faceted methods and organizational forms requires.

Complete Workshop

And the space can be restored to its basic configuration again at any time.


Moving away from the teacher-centered focus.

Project Work

For researching and discovering, inventing and imagining, constructing and designing, searching and documenting, organizing & conceptualizing. The classroom becomes a workshop.

Non-guided Work

In pre-K and elementary schools in particular, non-guided work is an interesting way to promote individual capabilities.

Creating adaptable

learning environments

Create adaptable learning environments

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Making learning fun for children